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Firm News: More on Brian Brunhaver

Relative to our announcement that Banks Law Office has opened an investigation into former broker and Registered Investment Advisor Brian Brunhaver:

Mr. Brunhaver worked with broker-dealer LPL Financial out of Snohomish, Washington. Public documents have detailed a relationship between Brunhaver and the four financial products listed below. Investors should be aware that any such products tend to provide high commissions back to the seller, may have financial risks undisclosed or misrepresented, may pose liquidity problems, and may be unsuitable for any conservative investor.

  • Inland American Real Estate Trust (a financial product which we’ve detailed elsewhere),
  • Retail Properties of America (also known as Inland Western Real Estate Trust)
  • Hines Global REIT
  • Health Care Trust of America

Mr. Brunhaver has had hundreds of clients. Were you one of them?

Our firm is continuing its investigation into this case and these products. We urge any investors with similar claims and experiences to contact our office. We may be able to recover money for you.

Email us at info@bankslawoffice, use our online contact form, or simply call us at 800 647-8130.

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No investor should rely on this communication to fully inform them of their rights on a complex legal matter. Your claims and defenses will depend on individual circumstances. This document provides background on legal controversies to those investors without legal counsel.

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