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For thirty-six years, Banks Law Office has focused on the recovery of investment losses for individual investors, groups, retirement funds, and pension plans throughout the country.

Banks Law has earned a stellar reputation and received millions of dollars in awards against large brokerage firms, national law firms and nationally licensed investment advisory firms. In the vast majority of our cases, our clients prevail. We have a single mission for every client: getting their money back.

If you relied on the advice of a financial professional and find unexpected losses in your account, contact our office whether you are ready to initiate legal action or not. Your call is confidential and costs you nothing. Call 503-222-7475 or use our contact form.

Your choice of attorney is likely the most important choice you will make in recovering your loss. We invite you to learn more about us. Review our credentials and our results. Call us to ensure a good fit. Some signs that you might need to speak with an attorney who focues on investment loss include the following:

Substantial Financial Loss: If you’ve suffered significant financial losses from your investments that are impacting your financial stability and goals.

Unexplained Investment Performance: If your investment portfolio’s performance consistently underperforms or shows unexplained fluctuations, despite market trends.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics: If you were subjected to aggressive sales tactics or pushed into making investments that you didn’t fully understand or were uncomfortable with.

Lack of Documentation: If you lack proper documentation or understanding of the investments you’ve made, making it challenging to track or evaluate your portfolio.

Missing Funds: If you notice funds have disappeared from your investment accounts without your knowledge or consent.

Inconsistent Communication: If your investment advisor or broker suddenly becomes unresponsive or evasive when you inquire about your investments.

Unusual Account Activity: If there are unauthorized transactions, unusual withdrawals, or transfers that you did not initiate or approve.

Promises of Guaranteed Returns: If you were promised unrealistically high or guaranteed returns on your investments, which often indicates a potential scam.

Lack of Transparency: If your investment advisor fails to provide clear explanations about how your investments work, their associated risks, or the fees involved.

Investment Recommendations Not Aligned with Goals: If the investments recommended to you do not match your risk tolerance, financial goals, or stated investment preferences.

Sudden or Unexpected Changes: If there are sudden changes to your investment strategy or asset allocation without your consent or understanding.

Suspicious Investment Opportunities: If you’re approached with offers for secretive or exclusive investment opportunities that seem too good to be true.

Investment Advisor Misconduct: If your investment advisor engages in unethical or suspicious behavior, such as forging documents, misleading statements, or churning.

Lack of Disclosure: If you were not provided with the necessary disclosures about risks, fees, conflicts of interest, and other relevant information regarding your investments.

Concerns Raised by Others: If colleagues, friends, or family members express concerns about your investments or the behavior of your investment advisor.

Difficulty Accessing Funds: If you encounter obstacles when trying to withdraw or transfer your investment funds.

Investment losses have far-reaching consequences for your financial well-being and future. If you have any concerns about your investment performance, call our office at 503-222-7475, contact us or browse to learn more about us.

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I had no clue where to turn for help. Banks was tough but polite. I give the man my total respect and unlimited endorsement. To me, he achieved the impossible.


Thank you for all you did to represent us. For me you represent all that is good in the Law profession. You were honest, fair, hard working, and ethical. What more can you ask? Once again thank you for all you did.


Hope you have had a great year and we wish you and yours the best in the Holiday season. We fondly and gratefully remember all the efforts you made on behalf of N*** and I. Without a doubt our lives have been changed forever by meeting you.

A Banks Law Client, 8 years later

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