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Banks Law welcomes feedback and we are honored to share some comments that we have received from clients, opposing counsel, arbitrators, and members of the community. We trust that you will be equally pleased with the quality of care and representation you receive from Banks Law Office. Please note: Every case is unique, and past successes can never guarantee future outcomes. For privacy reasons we don’t list the names of most of our clients as these situations can be deeply personal and traumatic. If you would like to speak with one of our former clients, just ask. Read Client Stories.

I had no clue where to turn for help. Banks was tough but polite. I give the man my total respect and unlimited endorsement. To me, he achieved the impossible.


I really enjoyed working on the case with you because you represented your clients so well not just as an advocate but also as a counselor. And your advocacy had real credibility in the other room while your judgment made the difference in your room. So congratulations to you.


Thank you for all you did to represent us. For me you represent all that is good in the Law profession. You were honest, fair, hard working, and ethical. What more can you ask? Once again thank you for all you did.


..I just finished my happy dance, got the check! I gave your name to my current financial person. He said he wanted to have the name of a really good Securities Attorney on file in case he ever needs to give a referral out for issues like mine. I sure appreciate all you did for me, thank you.


The credit to you goes well beyond the financial recovery. It is all about your values and how you stand by and support your clients. Having you, personally, by our sides has made all the difference in the world. And even if we got a fraction of the recovery that we are getting, I would still feel the same way. The impact of this crime takes an emotional tool too, and you have been the one holding us up at times, for this I am grateful.


It’s rare that we find a highly skilled, respected professional that we also LIKE as a person..Bob was one of a few.


This was an extremely well tried arbitration and the attorneys for both Claimants and Respondent H*** are to be commended for their exceptionally top quality resentations and advocacy. The Panel is aware of no other arbitration which has been favored with such an extensive array of evidence and legal briefing as it was privileged to receive over the eleven session hearing, as well as in the prehearing and posthearing briefings.

Aarbitrator Opinion

Hope you have had a great year and we wish you and yours the best in the Holiday season. We fondly and gratefully remember all the efforts you made on behalf of N*** and I. Without a doubt our lives have been changed forever by meeting you.

A Banks Law Client, 8 years later

Thank you for the time and energy you contributed to the successful passage of HB170 in the House committee last year. My former colleagues at the Division join me in my appreciation for your continued concern about both public and investor protection and ensuring the securities industry has a fair and open marketplace here in Alaska as well as across the country.


We want to acknowledge the hard work and tenacity of Banks Law Office in getting the legal department of Wells Fargo Bank to investigate and acknowledge the fiduciary breach- without having to go through the lengthy and costly arbitration process required under normal circumstances… We definitely owe Bob a champagne lunch at Biro Agnes to thank him for is ability to work through the barriers and bureaucracy of Wells Fargo to get this settlement. Thank you!


He said ‘Nothing is cast in concrete’ but [Bob] made me feel like there was a real chance we might get our money back. His performance at our hearing was fantastic. You could feel knowledge and skill come forward.

Banks Law Client JC, after receiving full recovery

I would not have thought I had a chance to get any lost money back without both of you.


I just wanted to pass along a comment from T*** who thanked me for putting her in touch with you, and saying how appreciative she was of the work and result you obtained for her family. It was really important for her to be heard and receive some (implicit, I assume) acknowledgment of UBS’s responsibility.


Hope you are well. Saw where the people behind Aequitas were found guilty of fraud. We are so lucky to have come out whole from this! Thanks for your work!


You provide a wonderful service to our community’s elders.

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