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Asset Freeze for Wealth Assistants

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Business Insider reported today about an asset freeze ordered for the owners of Wealth Assistants. The recent decision by the US District Court for the Central District of California to freeze the assets of the defendants is a crucial step towards holding them accountable and ensuring that funds are available for potential restitution. However, Banks Law Office alleges that defendants may have engaged in actions to hide their assets, complicating the process of recovering losses for their clients.

A judge has ordered the owners of get-rich-on-Amazon startup Wealth Assistants to have their assests frozen

Earlier Business Insider articles describe the nightmare investors in Wealth Assistants are enduring:

More than 60 former Wealth Assistants clients sued the get-rich-on-Amazon startup, claiming they were defrauded out of millions

Banks Law Office attorney, Nico Banks, represents a group of investors in a lawsuit against Wealth Assistants and its owners. He seeks justice and restitution for those who have been wronged by the alleged fraudulent activities of the company. The allegations brought forth paint a troubling picture of intentional misrepresentations, asset dissipation, and attempts to conceal financial resources by the defendants.

The case revolves around a core accusation that Wealth Assistants, led by Ryan Carroll, Max K. Day, Michael Day, and others, misled clients and conspired to defraud them out of significant sums of money. Clients paid substantial fees with the expectation that their Amazon storefronts would be professionally managed and yield profitable results. However, many of them found their stores either lacking inventory or failing to generate sufficient sales to cover the upfront costs.

The lawsuit against Wealth Assistants is about seeking transparency and justice. The plaintiffs have been wronged, and it is our duty to pursue all legal avenues to uncover the truth, locate hidden assets, and secure a favorable outcome for those who have suffered as a result of these alleged deceptive practices.

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