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Due Diligence Failures at Haywood Securities

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FINRA has fined Haywood Securities for violations of FINRA rules, including Haywood’s failure to adequately conduct due diligence on certain private placement investments.

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial investments, due diligence is the bedrock of responsible and informed decision-making. The recent revelations surrounding Haywood Securities (USA) Inc. have brought to light significant failures in their due diligence processes. This blog post is dedicated to dissecting these lapses, exploring the implications for investors, and advocating for a renewed commitment to robust due diligence practices within the financial industry.

The Anatomy of Due Diligence Failures

1. Inadequate Investigation of Nonbrokered Private Placement Offerings (NBPPs)

One of the gravest oversights at Haywood USA was its failure to conduct thorough due diligence regarding Canadian nonbrokered private placement offerings (NBPPs). Instead of a comprehensive investigation, the firm predominantly relied on a basic search and review of recent public filings. This lack of in-depth scrutiny exposed investors to potential risks that could have been mitigated with a more rigorous approach.

2. Overreliance on Issuer-Provided Data

Rather than independently verifying information obtained from issuers, Haywood USA exhibited a concerning reliance on the data provided by the issuers themselves. This approach leaves investors vulnerable to incomplete or biased information, jeopardizing the integrity of investment recommendations.

3. Absence of Independent Investigations

Haywood USA’s due diligence failures extended to the absence of independent investigations. The firm did not inquire about past or pending litigation, review key contracts, explore business plans, or conduct site visits. This lack of comprehensive assessment undermines the fiduciary responsibility owed to investors.

Implications for Investors

1. Uncovering Hidden Risks: Investors, unaware of the due diligence shortcomings, may have been exposed to undisclosed risks associated with the Canadian NBPPs recommended by Haywood USA. This underscores the critical importance of thorough due diligence in safeguarding investor interests.

2. Importance of Investor Vigilance: The due diligence failures at Haywood USA highlight the need for investors to be vigilant and proactive in understanding the due diligence processes employed by their financial advisors. Investors should demand transparency and insist on comprehensive information before making investment decisions.

Learning from the Haywood Case

1. Demand for Enhanced Due Diligence Standards: The Haywood case serves as a clarion call for the financial industry to revisit and enhance due diligence standards. Investors and consumer advocates are urging regulatory bodies to enforce more stringent guidelines, ensuring that financial institutions prioritize the thorough examination of investment opportunities.

2. Rebuilding Trust Through Transparency: Rebuilding trust in the aftermath of due diligence failures requires a commitment to transparency. Financial institutions must reassess their due diligence procedures, implement reforms, and communicate openly with investors to regain credibility.


The due diligence failures at Haywood Securities (USA) Inc. underscore the fundamental importance of robust investigative practices in the financial industry. Investors should be aware of these lapses and use them as a catalyst for demanding increased transparency, accountability, and a renewed commitment to due diligence from the institutions entrusted with their financial well-being. The Haywood case serves as a stark reminder that diligent scrutiny is not just a regulatory requirement but a cornerstone of ethical and responsible financial advising.

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